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Welcome to Toronto Limos, providing you with a variety of limousine services including wedding limousines, prom limousines, night out limousines, corporate limousines, airport limousines and more. When you reserve a limousine from Toronto Limos, you can be assured of one thing, you will receive the finest combination of limousines services, limousine fleet, professional limousine drivers, all at competitive pricing.

With so many different limousine companies at your disposal, many customers might feel overwhelmed at choosing from the many different companies. Especially with the internet, information is readily available, and that is why, when you choose a limo company, be sure you do your research before hand.

With Toronto Limos, one of the things that you can be assured of is finding a nice selection of limousine fleet. Whatever it is that you are looking for in terms of limousine services, we have a complimentary limousine fleet that will make your limo experience that much better. Some of the different limousine fleet that you can choose from includes sedan style limos such as Lincoln Towncars.

If you are looking for something bigger, than a stretch limo, either in white or black, or an SUV stretch limo including a Lincoln Navigator and a Hummer stretch limo. For those that are interested or are in need of a larger limo fleet, then you can choose from a party bus limo that seats from 18-26 passengers, and a luxurious limo bus that seats from 30 – 50 passengers.

Limo Buses - Toronto Limos

A more detailed look at our list of limousine fleet includes SUVs such as Cadillac Escalades and Chevrolet Suburbans, where with each vehicle, you can seat up to 7 passengers. Regarding a stretch limo, a Lincoln stretch limo that seats 10 passengers is perfect for a corporate limo service or a wedding limousine service. Limo buses are perfect for those that are planning a casino limousine ride that will have up to 50 passengers. Whatever it is that you need a limousine service for, we have a limo fleet with your name on it for the night.

If you are planning a special night out celebration including a bachelor party limo or a Bachelorette party limo, a Pink SUV limo is perfect for the girls and a party bus limo is perfect for the guys. At Toronto Limos, you are sure that for each limousine service and each limousine fleet, you will receive an experienced limousine driver that will make your night out with one of our limos a special night out.

So when you are looking to book a limousine with Toronto Limos, be it a sedan style limo, a stretch limo, an SUV, an SUV stretch limo, a party bus limo or a limo bus, you will be able to find all that you are looking for. From affordable pricing to reliable limousine services, you will be able to find all that you are looking for in our limousine services in Toronto and servicing the GTA.

Wedding Limousine Services

Wedding Limousine ServicesIf you are planning a wedding in Toronto, there are many things to plan for. One of the main services that you will need to plan for when it comes to a wedding day in Toronto is the planning of a wedding limousine service.

When it comes to planning a wedding limousine service, there are many different limo companies that claim to specialize in wedding limousines in Toronto. However, only Toronto Limos can offer you the finest in Toronto wedding limousine services, combined with limousine fleet and all at very competitive pricing.

As we offer you with many different limousine fleet, we feel that this is very helpful because with a variety of different limousine fleet, we feel that we are assisting in helping you make the right decision. For those that have a budget, we can offer them with a stretch limousine.

However for those that are not looking at a budget restrain but looking to have the finest in wedding limo transportation, we provide you with Hummer Stretch Limousines, Lincoln Navigator stretch limos, Party Bus Limos and luxurious limousine buses. All our limousine fleet come complimentary with a great limousine driver and with our drivers, you are receiving a professional and courteous chauffeur.

Prom Limousine Services

Prom Limousine ServicesOne of the more important and special night for a high school senior is planning and attending their high school prom. With a high school prom, comes a tremendous amount of preparations. Some of the things is planning a venue for the party, then there is planning on what to where, who to go with, be it a special someone or a group of friends.

Then there is the planning of attending the prom with either someone driving you to the venue, or by reserving a luxurious limousine for your prom night. With Toronto Limos, you will be able to reserve a prom limousine in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

When you reserve a limousine in Toronto, some of the limousine fleet that you can reserve from includes reserving a stretch limo, an exotic SUV or an SUV stretch limousine. Some of the SUV stretch limousines that you can rent for a prom limo include a Hummer Limo, a Lincoln Navigator stretch limo. If you are planning to go with a large group of people, then we can suggest a party bus limo that can seat up to 25 passengers.

For those that have a larger group of people that will be attending the prom all together, then Toronto Limos has a luxurious limousine bus that can seat from 30-50 passengers. All in all, with our professional limousine services for a prom limo, an extensive list of limousine fleet and all offered to you by professional limousine drivers, let Toronto Limos be your limousine of choice for your prom limousine rental in Toronto.

Night Out Limousine Services

Night Out Limousine ServicesDo you have a special night out planned with family or friends in downtown Toronto? If so, why not consider making your night out in downtown Toronto a truly memorable night out with a limousine rental from Toronto Limos.

With so many things that you can celebrate for a night out celebration, we have a limousine that is right for the occasion. Some of the limousine services that you can reserve a limo for include booking a limo for a bachelor party, and for girls, you can book a limo for a Bachelorette party limousine.

Other types of limousine services that you can book a limo from Toronto Limos includes reserving a limo for a sporting event limo where you can enjoy watching our favourite Toronto sports team. You can make the night so much better with a limousine rental for your sporting event. Another night out experience that you can reserve a limo for includes booking a limo for a live concert event limo.

From such limousine fleet for a night out including a stretch limo, an SUV stretch limo, a party bus limo and a large limousine bus, you will be sure that for any type of night out limousine experience, you are sure to find whatever it is that you are looking for. Also, depending on your budget, we have a limousine that will make you truly enjoy your night out limousine experience with Toronto Limos.

Airport Limousine Services

Airport Limousine ServicesAnother specialized services that Toronto Limos offers you is airport limousine services, and even corporate limousine services. When it comes to booking an airport limo from Toronto Limos, you can be sure that you will be able to reserve a sedan style limo for your airport limo services, including a Lincoln Towncar.

Along with booking an airport limo service, you can also reserve a corporate limousine service, where company executives will have a limousine pick them up from the office and take them where they need to go.

Other types of airport and corporate limousine services that Toronto Limos provides you is offering stretch limousines that come in a black colour, ideal for the service. When you are planning an airport limo pickup from anywhere in Toronto and the GTA, you will be able to reserve a limo from us and we will be happy to arrange for a limo pick up and drop off from anywhere within the GTA.

Along with providing you with our specialty limo services, there are many other limousine services that we offer all our dedicated clients within Toronto and the GTA. Some of our other limousine services that you can reserve from Toronto Limos and be sure that you get the finest in limo fleet, limo drivers and limousine services include a limousine ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-lake with one of our luxurious limousine rides.

With a dedicated limo ride, that is both spacious and luxurious, you will truly remember the drive and it will not seem that long in the end! Only Toronto Limos offers you with affordable and dedicated limousine services to and from Niagara Falls where you will be able to reserve anyone of the our limousine fleet and truly enjoy yourselves.

We also provide dedicated casino limousine day trips as well from Toronto Limos to anywhere and any casino within the GTA. Call to speak with one of our booking agents today to see how you can arrange for a casino day trip where you will be able to setup a true limousine ride.

You can include all your family and friends and make a casino limo day trip a truly enjoyable experience. With our experienced limousine drivers, you are sure that you will be able to find all that you need.

So when you are ready to reserve a limousine in Toronto, look no further than booking it with Toronto Limos. With our dedicated and specialized limousine services, extensive selection of limousine fleet, all with professional limousine drivers at competitive prices, you are sure that you will enjoy yourselves.

Let us be your limousine of choice when it comes to a wedding limousine, a prom limousine, a night out limousine, a corporate limousine, an airport limousine and more.

With Toronto Limos, you can contact us to speak with one of our customer service reps who will be able to make your limousine experience as positive as possible, from the first call, right through to the last drive.

14 – 16 Passenger Pink SUV Limo with Custom Pink Interior

14 – 16 Passenger Pink SUV Limo

The Pink Ford Excursion Limousine. This vehicle is perfect for a night out celebration, a Toronto prom limousine rental, or any special occasion where you see fit to reserve a pink limousine.

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